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Child Educational Sponsorship

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Carlos is enrolled in a 2 year electrician program. Carlos is enrolled in a 2 year electrician program.

    This project partners with our Education Sponsorship program but is aimed at starting with younger ages and in Grade 6 switching to Education sponsorship. The aim is to promote families to achieve a higher level of education so they have a better chance of breaking the cycle of poverty.

    The main focus is aimed at assisting in the home and providing a practical supply of food on a monthly basis. This then helps the child and family nutritionally so their development in the most important years is a healthy development.

    In extreme cases also providing emergency medical assistance to the child sponsored.

    We hope to reach out into the El Cocolito community and the Llano Grande community where we have been actively working for over 14 years. Many of the children we have known since they were very young and we believe part of why God has us in this community is to give them a hand up.

    Most children do not finish grade 6, and there is a very low percentage of these children moving forward into high school.

    Our prayer is these children become part of the change we believe God wants to bring to this nation.

    Despite primary education being compulsory and provided free by the government, the main average years of schooling in 2011 was 4.1 years per student.

    One consequence of malnutrition and undernourishment is the degradation of cognitive performance, which can be studied and observed through schoolchildren and their performance in an educational setting.

    25.5% of Guatemala's population are illiterate, with illiteracy rates up to more than 60% in the indigenous population. (From Wikipedia)

    For a monthly donation of $30 you can help be the change in the future of one of these children in Guatemala. You will be able to write and be a part of the child's life through us. You as a sponsor will receive news on a regular basis and will be able to see regular pictures of your sponsored child.

    To date we have 96 children sponsored in the program. Our goal is to sponsor all children in the 100 families that we work with on a daily and weekly basis. 

Sponsorship Program