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The Power At Work Team

Guatemala - Canada


Grant Lamb - PresidentGrant Lamb - President


Grant Lamb has been going to Guatemala since 2005. 

He sold his farm in 2010 and has since been going for 5 months a year. 

As he says - "I got hooked!" and so I continue to go. "It's my job!"

Grants love for Jesus is shown in his giving heart and his desire to get out and share the love God has put in his life. His testimony and his life verse are echoed in his actions as he loves and gives exuberantly to those he comes in contact with. He is living and giving Ephesians 3:20 every day, exceedingly and abundantly more than he could ask or think. Power At Work birthed as another way to share Gods love on that exceeding level and bless more the nation of Guatemala and beyond.


Anthony van Engen - VPAnthony van Engen - VP


Anthony van Engen has been working in Guatemala and Central America since 2004.

Anthony's desire to serve God where he was called has driven him to share the love of Jesus in practical ways to the people that surround him. He works with the youth in the workshop giving them practical work experience and hosts daily activities with the kids from the community. His greatest desire is to see God fulfill His purposes in the lives of everyone of the people he comes into contact with.

Carol Lamb ~ Director/TreasurerCarol Lamb ~ Director/Treasurer

Carol Lamb has been coming to Guatemala since 2015.  Carol had a desire to become active in missions for years but it was not until 2014 that she was able to fulfill that calling. Carols love for Jesus and His people shines through her open heart and has allowed her to speak into peoples lives and touch hearts all over Guatemala. Her hug-able personality is a great fit and just one of the ways she shares His love. Since 2015 she has adapted to life in Guatemala living there 5 months a year and while in Canada she advocates full time for Power At Work and the people we work with. 

Ron van EngenRon van Engen

Ron has had a heart for Guatemala for 18 years.

We are blessed to have Ron join us on the Power At Work team.

Ron and Sheila have been to Guatemala several times now and know first hand how small things bring smiles. Ron spends every Saturday during the Yard Sale season looking for nearly new items to send to Guatemala. Ron & Sheila are both strong advocates for Power At Work, in Canada. 

Jan & Clare Balch ~ Secretary TeamJan & Clare Balch ~ Secretary Team


Clare and Jan joined the Power At Work team this past year as secretaries after experiencing Guatemala in 2014 with the Cayuga Christian Fellowship Church team. They were and still are inspired to go and help wherever they can. Both remained busy during their trip to Guatemala, Clare with painting a home and fence while Jan painted 8' murals for the children's rooms.  They enjoy serving and being the hands and feet of Christ here in Canada and perhaps in the future Guatemala again. 

Nim & Estephania and their children Lindsay & Chris work with us to oversee the Sponsorship Program. Nim & Estephania and their children Lindsay & Chris work with us to oversee the Sponsorship Program.

Nim & Estephania have been overseeing the Sponsorship Program since July of 2020.

The program has gone from simply giving groceries to families in need, to building relationships and providing the support of mental, spiritual and nutritional help. 

Their daughter Lindsay is in highschool now and Chris is our youngest missionary on the team.

              Edwin Ayfan Edwin Ayfan

Edwin joined the Power At Work team full-time in April 2021, tho in reality he was a part of the ministry and its beginnings.

Edwin grew up locally and met Anthony in 2004 during Anthony's first trip to Guatemala. Edwin was actually the first one assisted in what now has become our Child/Education Sponsorship Program, which assists 100 children & their families. 

Edwin was, and still is a very energetic kid that loved to help and get out and enjoy life, so he very quickly became involved wherever he could and has assisted over all these years faithfully.

Edwins love for God and desire to serve in whatever capacity made it easy to bring him onto the team. Edwin enjoys working in the shop with the youth, gardening, fixing electronics and bicycles and sharing with the community in different ways.

We look forward to seeing all the things he will be able to accomplish for the Kingdom as he serves God and his people.