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Short Term Missions Teams

    As a team we look forward to teams from different churches that will partner with Power At Work to see the vision become a reality. We can host teams of different sizes for different time spans. The vision for teams is for them to join along side what is happening in Guatemala and catch the vision. Teams are a great way to serve God in a practical way and a great introduction to missions. 


    As a team you will work in the different areas Power At Work is actively serving and you will get to see different areas of Guatemala. As the team wishes and as funds come in teams can also participate in larger projects such as construction of homes, school and other larger projects. 


Expenses for 1 person. 10 days - Projected.
  • Hotel Q250 x 10 = Q2500 = $45 CDN per night
  • Airport pick up Q750 x 2 = Q1500 = $260 CDN
  • Transportation Q325 x 8* = Q2600 = $450 CDN
  • Gas Q150 (8 days)* = Q1200 = $200 CDN
  • Lunch- Q60 x 10 = Q600 = $100 CDN
  • Supper can be purchased at hotel starting at Q70 = $12 CDN (hamburger, fries & a drink)
Total = Q6600 = $1500.00 CDN 
Per day = $150 CDN + Cost of of supper if more then Q70 spent.
Airport pick up, Transportation and Gas can be divided amongst people attending mission trip. 
 *Extra funds can go to incidentals or to bless a family with a picnic table or extra sponsor bags.
*hotel fees are subject to change. If special requests are made the prices may increase.
*airport trip fees are charged separately.

*if 2 vehicles are needed for team transportation then those costs are doubled

*Fees must be received 1 month prior to trip. 

*dates of trip should be secured with Power At Work team before you book your flights

*flights are booked by your team leader 

*We encourage you to fundraise in advance in order to be prepared to bless the Guatemalan families. 

All exchanges in currency are at Dec 28/2019 rates of $1cdn = Q5.5 - this is subject to change impacting costs also.
Also note that drivers and people working with the team (translators) will have their expenses covered during their time with the team.
We love having people come down and experience what Power at Work is doing in Guatemala.


    If you would like to Partner with us as a team please contact us at: