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Reviews from Partners

What a great two weeks!!

The Power At Work team is amazing! 

I enjoyed every minute of my time in Guazecapan, Guatemala. 

The PAW team is very organized and they look after every detail!  My accommodations were perfect for what we needed, and it even had a pool!!  I think I was spoiled!!  Food is simple but delicious and filling, if you are lucky you might be able to get Carol to climb the Lemon tree! We used the lemons in the guacamole! 

Every day was filled with love and laughter, from helping inscribe Ephesians 3:20 into the tables, watching Grant build the picnic tables and Anthony teaching the community kids new skills in the wood working shop! 

The kids start to gather at 4pm for the 5 pm nightly soccer game, even the older kids come out! 

It is great to load up the truck with tables, aprons, toy riding horses and bibles to deliver out in the area!  You never know what will happen or what you will see!  We went on a hike through a cow pasture that lead to a coffee plantation, that lead to an amazing swimming hole that had a waterfall!  Just amazing! 

On Sundays Carol and Grant open their home to waffles for any of the teams or local families who would love a treat!  It is never surprising to look over at Anthony’s place during meal time and see that many kids from the workshop are being fed! 

The love that is in the hearts of PAW team is absolutely amazing!  What great work this ministry brings to this community!


So, you think you would like to be a part of this amazing experience? 

Ways to help, donate a picnic table, or a bunkbed, or sponsor a child or do all three or be a part of what the PAW team is working on!

You want a hands on experience, gather a team, decide what the team wants to do while there and contact PAW to lead you in the right direction! 


CindyLou, A



Last November (2019) my daughter, granddaughter and I had a great experience on our trip to Guatemala connecting with "Power at Work."
We bought food,clothing,toys and  picnic tables and  bunk bed to give to families in need.
We saw abject poverty and basic existence poverty but also the love and gratitude from these same people.

"Power at Work" is making a compassionate impact on several villages in Guatemala and we encourage others to support them in prayers and money gifts.





Another amazing trip to Guatemala.      Feb 26-Mar 5/2020.  

Our team of 6 spent 9 days working along side of Power at Work Ministry!  Four of our team members were there for the first time and they will all gladly return!  

We were truly blessed by the Guatemalan people!   

Being able to be in their homes and communities you can really experience and see how they live.  Hearing one woman say that "she would never imagine that this day would ever come that we would show up and bless her with a table, bible and gifts for her children" affirms that this is appreciated!

We really enjoyed our day in Tecuamburro in the mountains, visiting the family with 3 blind children and blessing the school and community with gifts and food.   We sensed there is a real need in this mountain area.   

We had opportunity to help out on the new land, bless families with extra groceries, build tables and bunkbeds and spend time with the community and Llano Grande school.  

A few of us were able to meet our sponsor children and their families.  

Our days were planned well with lots of fun adventures, we felt safe at all times and really enjoyed having our accommodations just down the road! 

All in all it was a great experience once again for us all!

Thank you to the team at Power at Work for making our trip so much fun and memorable!

May God continue to bless your work!

Chris, Kelly, Joel, Jason, Sandra and Janice