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40 of us heading to church. 40 of us heading to church.

    This outreach program is aimed at providing a safe environment where children and youth can participate in diverse activities and nutritional programs helping them grow strong mentally, physically and spiritually. Allowing us to reach the next generation and speak into their lives in practical ways almost on a daily basis.

    Daily soccer games have been held for almost a year now, this allows us to speak into the kids lives while proving a safe environment where the kids can have a good time, while burning off their energy in a positive way while learning and developing skills. It has also been a great tool for teaching the youth how to work as a team. We have seen how this has pulled a community of youth together with one neighbor telling us how he has seen the youth change over the year. He stated how he use to see much more verbal abuse and fights in the community but now they seem to have bonded through the different activities.


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