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Ways to Donate towards Power At Work Needs!

- e-transfer - - Include in notes: full name and address for tax receipts.

- Cheque to Power At Work - 1487 Thompson Rd. E, Waterford, Ontario N0E-1Y0

- Filling out Canada Helps form below -

~e-transfer or cheque is the #1 way to donate ~ no administration fees ~

Power At Work uses 100% of your donation to bless the Guatemalans.

Current Power At Work Needs


Sponsorship for Edwin.

Sponsoring Edwin with a monthly "love offering" enables Power At Work to have Edwin share his God given gifts with the community children, families and our Sponsored Children.

Edwin has already brought bicycle repair & gardening too the "Multipurpose Shop."

Teaching skills to youth that will directly impact their lives.



Sponsorship for Ephesians 3:20 Fellowship Tables & Bunk Beds.

As price of wood soars across the globe, we find ourselves having to change the prices after 10 years. 

To receive better pricing we have to order a large quantity of wood at one time, the cost of this is $10,000, this is enough wood to make 70 tables or beds. 

Ephesians 3:20 Tables = $125. 

Ephesians 3:20 Bunk Beds = $370.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Bunk Beds create safer sleeping arrangements.Bunk Beds create safer sleeping arrangements.


Fall of 2022, shipping another container of blessings. 


Yulisa & Sofia will share this John Deere bike... until the next container!Yulisa & Sofia will share this John Deere bike... until the next container!


 Perhaps you'd like to sponsor a foot or two of blessings being shipped as early as October of 2022. 

This has become a yearly tradition and the items bless many in Guatemala. 

The cost of shipping ranges from $10,000 - $15,000. 


40 ft container contents to be shipped.40 ft container contents to be shipped.


 Vehicle Insurance

As the ministry grows we are venturing further from Home Base, and feel it is time for us to purchase vehicle insurance. 

The cost per vehicle is $1000 x 3 vehicles, per year at this time. 

Protecting our precious cargo.Protecting our precious cargo.

Praise the Lord the concrete is complete at Home base.

Funds for concrete.

With just under a 1/4 of an acre that acts as driveway, walkways, parking and extra space for activities, we'd like to make this space safer and cleaner during rainy season. (6 months of the year)

Rainy season mud bath prevention. Rainy season mud bath prevention.


 Blessing the Guatemalan families that we work with. 

"Waffle Sundays"

Craft days, puppet shows etc. 


General Operating Costs

Community Enhancement Projects, Vehicle repairs, Fuel expenses as we expand into neighboring communities with beds and tables. Teen activities, paint classes, craft classes, etc.

Daily operations of Power At Work Projects.  

Team Guatemala.Team Guatemala.